WCHS Takes Actions for World Oral Health Day

  The World Oral Health Day is observed on March 20th annually. West China Hospital of Stomatology carried out a series of activities to disseminate knowledge of oral disease prevention so as to upgrade national oral health.

  Team of experts from WCHS went to Sansheng Community and Chunxi Road Community to provide free oral health examination for the local residents. Meanwhile, WCHS launched a signing ceremony for family dentist service and oral hygiene education in Longhua Community.


  In the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Implantology and Department I of Prosthodontic, many activities were held, including the theme videos, oral health leaflets and interactive games, which won “thumbs up” from the patients.


  On March 20th, members from Department of Cariology and Endodontics and Department of Orthodontics hosted a volunteer activity jointly in Chengdu No.7 High School, providing oral health consultation, early oral disease screening and oral care education for the teachers and students.

  With sequence of activities around the WOHD, the concept of oral health would be promoted even further. WCHS will continue to give full play of its leading role as the National Center of Stomatology, with the ultimate goal of comprehensive improvement of Chinese people’s oral health.