West China School of Stomatology (WCSS),Sichuan University, formerly known as the Dental School of West China Union University (WCUU), was founded in 1917.It is the origin of modern dental education, scientific rese… More>>

MoreUndergraduate Study

Experiments of Stomatology Clinical Technology400 teaching hours

This course focuses on preclinical training which enables stomatological students gradually master the basic skills of operative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Trough preclini… More>>

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MoreInternational Students

international students

Program Objectives: This program aims to cultivate stomatological professionals with knowledge of basic & clinical medicine, solid theoretic knowledge and clinical operation skills of stomatology which ensure them to… More>>

MoreNational Teaching Platform

Virtual simulation center for experimental stomatology education

The virtual simulation experiment teaching platform is mainly composed of Patient Simulation System for Dental Education and Haptic Technology Based Virtual Reality Dental Trainers, which is the second such education… More>>

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Partner Summer School Programs

Partner Summer School ProgramsWest China School of Stomatology (WCSS) works with a number of institutions globally. This program offers our students the chance to spend time at one of our partner institutions over … More>>

MoreUniversity Immersion Program (UIP)

University Immersion Program (UIP)

The two-week University Immersion Program (UIP) organized by Sichuan University is designed to convene students and faculty from all over the world to give short courses and lectures to both domestic and internationa… More>>