Prosthodontics 64 teaching hours

  Prosthodontics is an important component of Stomatology. It is a clinical medical science which deals with the etiopathogenisis, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and therapeutics of tooth defect, partial or total edentulism, and maxillofacial defects or deformities by means of artificial replacement, namely prosthesis. This course is based on various basic dental science, such as Oral Anatomy and Physiology, Dental Materials, Biomechanics, and it has very close ties with other clinical dental science, such as Oral Medicine, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, And Dental Aesthetic, etc. The scope of Prosthodontics ranges from the restoration of defect, of a single tooth to the rehabilitation of partial or total edentulism and maxillofacial defects. In addition, splints for the purposes of periodontal disease and TMJ disorder treatment are also included. Fixed prosthodontics and removable prosthodontics are the two main branches of Prosthodontics. Types of prosthesis of the former includes inlay/onlay, veneer, partial or full crown for single tooth defects, and fixed bridge for certain partial edentulous cases. Prosthesis for the latter can be divided into removable partial dentures and complete denture, correspondingly for partial and total edentulism. Dental implantology, as a fast developing and state of art treatment technology for edentulism, is also included in modern prosthodontics.